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因”亞宥科技”股東結構改變,自 2021/7/1 日起將改由新公司”泊菘有限公司”繼續營業,此次僅單純變更公司名稱、收款帳戶(另行通知)及統一編號(但登記地址:由三峽國光街改為營業現址:三峽三樹路 98 巷 106 號);公司負責人、電話、傳真、聯絡方式(e-mail 暫延用




Rename Announcement


Dear Customer


Due to the change in the shareholder structure of "Asiawipe Technology Co., Ltd."  and in order to improve brand awareness, we changed our company name on July 1st,2021.


We really appreciated for your unremitting support and also hope that we can make a better cooperation in the future.


As an opportunity that we can serve you better. We hope to get your support as always.


Our company name has been changed as follows. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.


New Name Bosson Co., Ltd.  Change DateJuly 1st 2021 The address and phone numbers etc. will not be changed.  Sincerely, for all of our respect customer.





General Manager

 Alex Chen     



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